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Release Overview

Release 2.0.0

Not yet released.

  • Auto Read Feature
    Our clients are often requesting an Auto Read Feature. texasWINthem shall read the pocket cards as well as the community cards from the online poker client on its own. A lot of people confirm that the handling via shortcuts is good and efficient. But reading cards automatically would be even better, of course.
    The Auto Read Feature is planned definitely.
  • Multi-Table Enabling
    Some of our clients play simultaneously on more than one table. Currently, they open one texasWINthem per table. Since the screen is always too small, we plan to implement multi-tabling on tabs.

Release 1.7.0

Not yet released.

  • Heads-Up Wizard
    The Heads-Up Wizard will suggest some reasonable actions, especially pre-flop. These will be based on the pocket cards, the position (Button or Big Blind), the opponent's action as well as (optionally) the current chip situation.

Release 1.6.0

Not yet released.

  • SSL (Encrypted Connection)
    This release is using an encrypted connection to the texasWINthem server (SSL certificate). It is strongly recommended to replace older releases without this encrypted connection.
  • Replace MD5 by SHA256
    All hash calculations that used the MD5 algorithm up to now have been replaced by the more secure SHA256.

Release 1.5.1

Release date: 2011-01-19
MD5: 7aa0f1ec325f5a829c6b6388f97dbf7b
SHA256: e017998e996a9d745b9bcefb9820b5e44937afaa9af57a81939f7d5afca75bf2
SHA512: 8fadae7dfc63a857fedb696ef1cebaf3f2af15b008b070a2ae35f6f7f002efbda72594e28ecdc678125c7e277eb8f2aa2831fe9c1ac3f63bfe794b08b6110185

  • Adaptation of Pocket Card Evaluations
    The pocket card evaluations for the scenario Heads-Up have been adapted. Some of the pocket pairs that had the tip Fold up to now, have now a Conditional Call.
  • Enhanced Password Support
    If the login information does not match with the hash values on the texasWINthem Server, the Poker Calculator will open a dialog to easily change the login credentials. In the User Center on the website you find a form to change the same information on the server.
  • Animated Graphics
    Cards are turned with an animation and the bars in the statistics panel also change their width with an animation. The animations can be switched off in the Options dialog.
  • Bugfix
    When the same pocket cards were selected repeatedly, the statistics have not been updated correctly.

Release 1.5.0

Release date: 2010-09-23

  • Historic Screenshot
    historic screenshot
  • Calculation of the Current Zone (M)
    With M we indicate the size of the (own) stack compared to the size of Small Blind, Big Blind, and Antes considering the number of opponents.
    This value is very important for the choice of the play-style. Depending on M there is the possibility to take risks or it's not good anymore to play conservatively or it's a must to play very aggressively.
  • More Flexible Odds vs. Pot Odds Calculation
    In earlier releases, all Outs were taken into account, when the profitability of the next move has been calculatet (i.e. the comparison of Odds and Pot Odds). Release 1.5.0 changes this behaviour: The number of relevant Outs can be defined freely.
    Let's make an example: In the screenshot below you can calculate the situation if you (legitimately) think, that you only win with the Tripple. You compare the Pot Odds with the Odds for only 2 Outs (the two still unknown 8).
  • Pot Odds Calculation
    In previous releases, the Pot Odds were only calculated if the comparison with the Odds made sense. I.e. on the Flop and the Turn.
    This restriction has been dropped and the Pot Odds can be calculated at any point in time.

Release 1.4.0

Release date: 2009-12-07

  • Historic Screenshot
    historic screenshot
  • Multi-Language Enabled Software
    Second language (after English) is German. Future candidates are French and Italian.
    If you want to switch the language: Do it on the fly. Use the flags in the upper right corner. Click the flag of your favorite language to switch immediately. All controls, texts, links (e.g. to the online help) are updated.
  • Windows 7 Enabling
    texasWINthem is tested on Windows 7.
  • Bugfix
    Some network adapters caused problems while checking the license.

Release 1.3.0

Release date: 2008-11-19

  • Historic Screenshot
    historic screenshot
  • Scenarios for Pocket Card Evaluation
    The default scenario for the evaluation of the pocket cards was a poker table with 10 players.
    With this release there are 3 different scenarios. Of course, all of them can be edited as usual. The scenarios are a table with 10 people, a table with 6 people, and Heads Up.
    Especially Heads Up is interesting, because it is much better predictable than a full table.
  • Adaptation of Existing (10-Handed) Scenario
    Some pocket card ratings were adapted. E.g. Q9s and Q8s can be rated higher by default.
  • Optimized Handling in Option Dialogs
    Together with the necessary changes for the support of multiple scenarios, the general handling of the option dialogs was improved.
  • Startable from Read-Only Medium
    Up to release 1.2.3, texasWINthem was not startable from a read-only drive (as a CD or DVD). The reason is that a set of default parameters was written to the disk.
    This behaviour was changed with this release. But of course it is not possible to save any changes to a read-only disk.

Release 1.2.3

Release date: 2008-03-26

  • Bugfixes
    • The number of combinations that beat the own hand was too high in some cases
    • The probability of a Full House was calculated with a rounding error

Release 1.2.2

Release date: 2008-03-16

  • Bugfixes
    • Generic MAC Addresses (for Dialup and serial links) are handled correctly.
    • Some Windows Vista configurations prevented reding the MAC address.

Release 1.2.1

Release date: 2008-02-03

  • Improved Handling
    The handling of the Options dialog was improved (apply logic).
  • Bugfixes
    • The outs for two pairs were calculated wrongly if there was a pair in the pocket cards.
    • The rating of flushes was calculated wrongly in some cases.

Release 1.2.0

Release date: 2008-01-18

  • Historic Screenshot
    historic screenshot
  • Calculation of Pot Odds
    The pot odds are calculated after the Flop and the Turn.

Release 1.1.0

Release date: 2007-12-05

  • Historic Screenshot
    historic screenshot
  • Nice Up the GUI
    Up to version 1.0.0, development was focused mainly on the functionality. Therefore, the GUI was very functional and practical. But the program did not win a price for its prettiness... this has been changed with that release.

Release 1.0.0

Release date: 2007-09-30

  • Historic Screenshot
    historic screenshot
  • Calculate Opponent's Probabilities
    The opponent's probabilities for all winning hands are calculated and displayed, taking the current set of pocket cards and the cards on the board into account.
    Note: The probabilities per opponent are calculated, not the probabilities for all opponents together.
  • Visualization of Probabilities
    The calculated probabilities (own and opponent's) are visualized and can be compared much faster and more easily.

Release 0.9.5

Release date: 2007-08-05

  • Calculate Own Probabilities
    The probabilities for all winning hands are calculated and displayed, taking the current set of pocket cards and the cards on the board into account.
  • Calculate Outs
    The outs for all winning hands are calculated and displayed, taking the current set of pocket cards and the cards on the board into account.
  • Pocket Card Rating
    The pocket cards are rated: There is a tip what you should do (raise, call, conditional call, fold) and a short description of the strength or weakness of the current combination.
    The rating as well as the description can be changed individually (see below).
    Note that the default rating is based on the assumption that you are playing at a poker table with 9 opponents.
  • Help And FAQ
    First version of the online help, including answers to FAQ (frequently asked questions). This online help will be expanded and updated continuously.
  • Handling by Shortcuts
    The software can be handled 100% with flexible shortcuts. Of course, it is also possible to control it with the mouse.
  • Configuration
    The following options can be configured freely:
    • Names and shortcuts of suits
    • Names and shortcuts of values
    • Rating and description of pocket cards
  • Export of Pocket Card Ratings
    A list of all currently defined pocket card ratings can be displayed and exported.