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  • texasWINthem Premium 1.5.1

You find the description of the standard license below.
The benefit of the Premium License is, that you can request new features.
Price: CHF 17.95, EUR 15.95, USD 18.95
  • texasWINthem 1.5.1

The texasWINthem Poker Calculator
  • ... evaluates your Pocket Cards
  • ... calculates the number of Outs, the Odds and Pot Odds
  • ... reports the number of pocket card combinations that are currently stronger
  • ... calculates the current zone (M) and the modification of the playing style that is reasonable related to the zone
  • ... as well as a lot of other probabilities
texasWINthem includes 1 license (see Details).
Additional licenses can be ordered separately.
Price: CHF 9.95, EUR 8.95, USD 10.95
  • Upgrade

Upgrade from the Standard License to the Premium License.
Price: CHF 9.95, EUR 8.95, USD 10.95
  • Additional Licenses

If you want to run texasWINthem on more than one network adapter (computer), you have to buy additional licenses.
If you change your network adapter (computer) and don't want to use texasWINthem on your old computer anymore, you don't need an additional license. After the first start of texasWINthem on your new computer, it won't run on your old computer anymore.
Price per license: CHF 1.95, EUR 1.95, USD 2.95

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