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The software listing of the computer journal c't from Heise is one of the best and most viewed listings, at least in the german speaking part of the world. texasWINthem is listed under the top downloads (category: card games) with increasing popularity.
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Wikipedia explains the hypergeometric distribution. This discrete probability distribution describes the number of successes in a sequence of n draws from a finite population without replacement. In other words: The hypergeometric distribution calculates poker probabilities.
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Java Applications need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Use this link to download the latest JRE for free.
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Saferpay is our payment service provider. Payment is outsourced completely to Saferpay, which is certified for most payment methods, e.g. by Visa and Master Card.
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ZEBU is implementing useful software.
He was so nice to award texasWINthem with the highest possible rating.