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texasWINthem's Key Features

Do you play online Poker without a tool that supports you?

If so, you should either immediately stop playing, or test texasWINthem now. You can be perfectly sure that (independent from the poker room you are in) you are the only player at your table that is not using a tool to calculate the Pot Odds or to track the opponents.


  • Pocket card evaluation
  • Calculation of the number of Outs, the Odds and the Pot Odds
  • Calculation of the number of stronger pocket card combinations
  • Calculation of the current zone (also known as the M value)
  • Support for different scenarios (10 players, 6 players, 2 players)


  • Configurable names of the suits, including configurable shortcuts
  • Configurable names of the values, including configurable shortcuts
  • Configurable pocket card evaluations


  • Animated statistics of own and opponents' probabilities
  • Animated visualization of pocket and board cards
  • On-the-fly switch between supported languages (currently English and German)

Do you want to rerun a hand? Do you want to improve your Poker skills?
Do you want to raise your awareness of dangerous or exceptionally profitable situations?
Do you want to improve your gains in real Poker games?
Then download texasWINthem today and try out the free Trial version. You can't loose anything!

The description additionally outlines the main use case, the license schema as well as some other interesting details.

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Additional Information

  • texasWINthem is Windows Software.
  • texasWINthem is listed within the top downloads in the software directory of the German computer journal c't with increasing popularity.
  • texasWINthem was included in the CD of the Online-Poker Guide of the German computer journal CHIP.
  • texasWINthem is listed worldwide in various online software directories.
  • texasWINthem is an official partner and sponsor of the Schweizer Pokerverband.
    schweizer pokerverband
  • texasWINthem is periodically re-certificated according to the international security standard PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • texasWINthem 's payment provider saferpay is officially certified by Visa and MasterCard.
    Verified by Visa Mastercard Secure Code