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First Steps

The use case of the texasWINthem Poker Calculator an online Poker game.

The following graphic shows the main areas of texasWINthem, each of them is described in the following sections.


With a click on the active flag, the user can switch the used language. The change is effective immediately within the whole application. Currently, English and German are supportet.


In this area the needed scenario is selected. A table with 10, 6, or 2 players is available.

Afterwards the own cards (pocket cards) as well as the community cards on the board are entered by and by. The mouse can be used for this, but it is much more efficient to use the shortcuts.

A separate Tutorial explains the Details of Efficient Navigation, including definition of customized shortcuts.

Pot Odds

The Pot Odds are probably the most important value when you play Poker. The Pot Odds are a measure for the profitability of a bet which is calculated on the basis of the size of the Pot, the cost of the call, as well as the current Outs.

Not all of the information mentioned above are mandatory to calculate meaningful values. If the number of relevant Outs is not specified, all of the Outs that are reported in the statistics area are taken into account.


The calculation of the Zone is important in tournaments. The M value indicates, how many rounds a player can survive if he only pays the mandatory bets. These are the Blinds and the Antes. Depending on M, a more or less aggressive style is in demand.

Context Information

The Context Area displays different information, depending on the situation of the game.

At the beginning, you will find an evaluation of your pocket cards. The selected scenario as well as the position at the table are relevant here. Additionally, the strength of the hand is calculated. Depending on the information given in the Pot Odds area, the Odds and Pot Odds are displayed here and the profitability of the coming move is calculated.

The Context Information are updated with every change of the cards and every change in the Pot Odds area.


The statistics show you the probability to hit each of the winning combinations. These values are calculate also for the opponents. Where existent, the number of Outs for the winning combinations is also calculated.

The Statistics are updated with every change of the cards.