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What Are the Features of the texasWINthem Poker Calculator?

... calculates the number of your Outs, the Odds and the Pot Odds
... calculates the number of stronger hands
... calculates the current zone (M) and the consequential change of your playing style
... calculates yours and your opponent's probabilities for all winning combinations
... supports various scenarios (2, 6, and 10 players)


The use case for texasWINthem is an online poker game. All information texasWINthem needs to calculate the numbers listed above, is your own pocket cards and the cards on the board.

texasWINthem does the same calculations as a professional poker player during the game.

The difference is that everybody can use texasWINthem, while only a few people are able to memorize hundreds and thousands of important situations and combinations.

Most of our customers realize that it is much easier to learn how to play poker with texasWINthem than by reading books. Others are just happy to win money playing online poker.

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Efficient Handling

texasWINthem is optimized for fast manipulation. You reach almost all functions with keyboard shortcuts as well as with the mouse. You don't loose time when playing online poker. The Navigation Page gives you a detailed introduction.

The Operating System

texasWINthem was written for Windows Systems. Note that it is possible, that a release for Linux and Macintosh will follow.

The License Schema

See license agreement for details.

With a valid license, you can use texasWINthem on a single computer. Or more precise on a single network adapter (since texasWINthem operates on the level of MAC addresses). We are using the term computer as a synonym for network adapter.

When you own one single license and use the software on a second computer, then your license automatically gets valid for the second computer. The license for the first computer is invalidated (and can't be re-validated afterwards). This makes it very easy when you buy a computer: You don't have to care about texasWINthem licenses at all.

If you own additional licenses, the above applies to the number of licenses. If you are currently using all your licenses on different computers and start the software on another computer, then the longest unused license will be invalidated.

Note that texasWINthem needs an internet connection to run. An integrated online verification checks that the software is used according to the license grant only. If there is no possibility to connect to the license validation server, the software will not run.

The Premium License

Buy a premium license if you want to request new features for texasWINthem. You can upgrade a standard license to a premium license at any time. See products & prices for details.